Foreign trade consultancy, beyond theoretical knowledge, requires practice of experience and experience. Unfortunately, it is not enough to know the rules, laws, steps, or to be experts in these subjects. At every stage, every decision, experience and efficiency in each result and strategy is required.

Dış Ticaret Danışmanlığı


  • As Tacoma, we have demonstrated our experience and unrivaled expertise in our foreign trade transactions for many years.
  • By planning a step in the import or export processes, we promise to enjoy a seamless experience.
  • We produce solutions for the companies we work with to produce effective and efficient policies in international markets.
  • We do market research for our companies that want to market their products in foreign markets and we realize the whole export process with our customers.
  • We are searching for the most suitable manufacturers for our companies which want to supply products from overseas markets and we provide turnkey solutions to the companies by performing the whole import process as a result of the agreement.
  • In addition, we are carrying out activities for our companies to benefit from the supports provided by the state….


With Takoma’s strong and reliable infrastructure, you can get smooth, fast and effective results in all your foreign trade processes. We plan our import or export processes, starting from the product to all the steps up to the market.
Whether you are a foreign trade actor or start a new journey; Takoma’s foreign trade expertise and experience will always save you time.

Within the scope of our Foreign Trade Consultancy Service, we are with you from A to Z in all the processes below.

  1. Export Consultancy
  2. Import Consultancy
  3. Customs Consulting
  4. Letters of Credit
  5. Government Support Consultancy

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