Takoma Group is a part of the group of companies started in 1974 and started the production of Ataman Arsoy which is one of the pioneers of composite materials in our country. See Recoma Composite Industry

Our group, which has achieved great success with the international projects it undertakes, provides end-to-end import / export support to its business partners with its experience in the field of foreign trade.

Takoma Group carries out its national mission by transferring its expertise, knowledge and experience to foreign firms that have potential for foreign trade but have no experience in this field or who lack process management.

For the fastest, most economic and most successful foreign trade process, Takoma Group provides services to A firm to Z and undertakes the product and solution partnership of companies in many geographies and markets.

Knows the rules, risks and expectations in the field of foreign trade. He has a background in details such as laws and legislation. It has complete expertise that can manage the entire process quickly and practically.

Tacoma Group, by signing a policy in Turkiye, Foreign Trade Partnership operate beyond their professional consulting and coaching services.

In foreign trade, where the issue is more than knowing, taking action with an experienced mentor provides numerous advantages. For a seamless and advantageous foreign trade experience, you can meet the expertise of Takoma.